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Experience the new technology in 2-stroke and 4-stroke pipe repair that won't leave your pipe looking like it was charred in a bad fire somewhere!


Q. How long will it take to get my pipe back?

A. We will take care of your pipe in one to two days and have it back on a truck or plane to you quickly. Please refer to the map on the shipping page for approximate shippings times. The map is based on UPS regular ground. Or you can use Priority Mail through the post office which is 3 days each way anywhere in the U.S.! See East Coast Riders Info.

Q. Do you repair 4 stroke headers?

A. Yes.

. Do you repair 2 stroke silencers or 4 stroke mufflers?

A. No.

Q. Do you repair vintage and/or older pipes?

A. Yes, we now offer work on pipes older than 1990. See our Vintage Pipes Section.

Q. Will my pipe be "perfect"?

A. Our goal is to restore original performance to your pipe, this means to restore original volume in each section of the pipe. Once a pipe is dented is is impossible to make it "perfect" because we cannot unstretch metal that is fatigued or stretched. However, it will be close to perfect and we do guarantee your satisfaction of our work.

Q. Are there additional charges for multiple dents?

A. No, the $60.00 is a flat fee for all the dents on the pipe.

Q. Will my pipe be blackened or discolored from a torch in the process of fixing it?

A. Yes and no. If you have a nickel plated pipe (the shiny ones) there will be very little or no discoloration. If you have a works pipe (bare steel) then it will be darkened a little bit but will season back to the color of the rest of the pipe within a few rides.

Q. Some other pipe guy told me that my pipe is not repairable and needs to be thrown away because it looks like it got ran over by a truck. Can you fix it?

A. Yes, if we can't fix it, we won't charge you.

Q. How do you do it?

A. Sorry... we can't answer that one.

Q. Do you sell new pipes?

A. Yes, we are an authorized dealer for Pro-Circuit and FMF. Click on the one you want to access our online store.


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